Wildlife loot

so, hm, wildlife drop all the loot in the next update? They need to be a bit more aggressive then :slight_smile:

Can you imagine picking up C4 off a Bear?

they said they fixed the “backing up” issue… so hopefully it will be harder

Well we don’t know how to get the loot like blueprints when the zombies are gone.
But as Wolffire9 said, I can’t imagine we get blueprints or C4 from bears or wolves.

I’m really excited how they solved this.

I kinda enjoyed killing zombies for loot…not sure im going to like killing bambis (4 legged/not 2) as much :slight_smile:

Why didnt they just replace it with other monsters/bandits or whatever.

Does this also mean there will be no loot boxes lying around? and if there is, nothign to stop anyone looting them?

dont get me wrong, i agree about getting rid of zombies, just not like this. Sounds like the cheap option to me.

I sense… Bears/Wolves to soon become extinct.

I don’t see anything that would indicate that wildlife drops zombie loot. In fact, it seems to say the opposite. There’s no clear indication of what will drop zombie stuff now.

Because pigs that give chicken also drop blueprints and weapons xD

I doubt that…

yeah i read it wrong…will be interesting to see what does :slight_smile:

Yea the current wildlife is a placeholder as well. They are part of a Unity Pack you can buy on the website.

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Look familiar?

Noticed that along time ago. Most of the game is either free or bought assets. They dont hide the fact and doesn’t matter anyway.

it would be badass to fight a lion or an elephant with a bow and hatchet.

Your right, but some people don’t know so I was just putting it out there.

It would be, but I would prefer that they add in there own models from here on out rather then bring in more unity content to be replaced in the future.

The trello card is saying that they have made a fix to the bug that was causing wildlife to drop zombie loot. So no, wildlife will not be dropping loot.

That’s… what they’ve been doing. The original stuff was stock models as placeholders.

Just as the zombies were.

I no, the guy was looking at a unity model of an elephant. Context my man.

I heard that they just took on Jeff Minter and he’s busy making hundreds of llama models, big ones, little ones, undead ones… ones that fly, blue ones, pink ones and ‘normal ones’