Wildlife Rust Opened on 24th January [EU, Doorshare, Anti-Hack]

Wildlife Rust is a new fresh 250 slot EU server that have the Oxide plugins.
We currently run Doorshare and some admin commands, we plan to provide the /location feature and possibly a map in the near future.

This server is FFA and everything goes as far as game mechanics allow, we dont enfore any rules apart from that you cannot abuse someone
in ways of personal attacks as in foul language or cyber bullying.

Everyone is welcome on the server and we have a stable playerbase already during peak hours.

You may find us on the server list under modded servers or follow this short connection guide.

  • Press F1 while ingame to bring up the console
  • write net.connect eude50.playrust.eu:28030
  • hit enter

That should bring you to directly connect to the server, however I do recommend that you find it in the server list trough filtering for server name
so that it ends up on favourites and you can easily connect back later.

Soon to come: Server Teamspeak, more plugins, possibly a website for events.