Will a metal door stay in the decayed condition when you throw grenades at it?

Like, if I throw around 10 grenades at it, and it doesn’t break, will the door eventually go back to its original condition or will it stay decayed from the grenades?

im sure it will stay decayed, doesnt sound logic otherwise.

Can anyone else confirm?

No decay heals by itself. You can repair it, but nothing heals without a manual repair…

Correct, it will stay damaged unless it is healed.

You can heal wood/metal objects by placing Wood of Fragments into your hotbar, point toward the object you want to heal, and press the corresponding key to heal it. (Obviously Wood heals wooden objects and Metal Fragments heal Metal objects.)

A notification at the top of the screen will appear, if successful. It will say something like 1250/1500. This displays the current HP after you’ve healed it.

ALSO - What a lot of new players don’t know… If you’re inside your house and you have a wooden door and some guys are outside beating down your door… You can just sit inside your house healing your door. You can heal much faster than they can hatchet your door, just as long as you have the wood for it. You can even fake it by saying ‘Yeah ok, go ahead and break down the door, I’m just going to heal, so feel free to waste your time’. Most of the time they’ll just buzz off. (assuming they dont have explosives)

sry for the tmi. :stuck_out_tongue: just trying to be helpful

It stays damaged until someone repairs it.