Will a party system be implemented?

Hey u all!

Just wondering if anyone knows if a party system is planned to be implemented or not…

Sometimes during big wars its a bit confusing to distinguish your teammates from the enemy…

I’m saying this because in a similar situation, in real-life you would always know who your teammates are, either be recognizing their face clothes or something that represented your team\clan\friends.

Thanks for taking your into riding my question\opinion.

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As I know they won’t do any kind of party system. so my answer would be no.
In the future you would have to craft same cloth(colors etc;) in order to distinguish your friends


Ultimately it will be up to you to “craft your own party system”, to put it that way… :slight_smile:

We’re all about giving you the tools for emergent gameplay!

Thanks for the feedback…

In that case, they should implement some kind of inks or something like that…
Re-coloring the current models should not be that hard.
I would gladly help doing it.

Hope they get their hands on that soon.

They have a party system.
It’s called “stand next to your friends. You’re all a party now”.
Lame jokes aside, it would be unbelievably awesome if you could upload icons for your clan, or at least customize them Halo-style, so everybody in your clan gets an insignia on their shirt. Maybe even colorized nametags so you can more easily identify each other.

dyes would be cool

If they add alot more clothing then it’ll be alot more easier to recognise friends from foe and overall removes the idea of a party system.

This is what flashlight mods on your weapon are for or even red laser sights. Make sure that everyone has them when attacking. Another tip could be Take your sleeping bags and position them in a quik built fortified building so as to re-spawn and rally …

I think the OP does not mean a party system like FINDING a party but instead friendly indicators for your buddies you play with. I would like to see something like that as well in the future.

What do you mean by this… Like just adding keypads and avoiding a “buddys list” for your door.

And I think that’s what Max is saying no to.

What would you do in real life if you wanted people to be able to open your front door?

You would give them duplicates of your door keys.

Okay i thought of that but than Someone told me about the keypad.

What do you think is more secure? Actual key items you need to share with people (but the owner can duplicate easily), or a 4-6-digit number that can be said over public chat once and then absolutely everyone and their rock can get inside your group’s compound.

They will be adding different colors to clothing to help out.


I just hope they implement some why to share doors soon :smiley:

an actual raidable door key item would be… lame
i dont want every person to kill me to have access to my stash
but i certainly want to be able to share a door. so like if i can open all my doors by default and they friends they I give access to can too, or they have a pin number to enter that would be cool

Your friends can tell other people the pin. They have to be killed for a key. Your solution is not much better, it only avoids a different problem.

so you only tell ppl you trust. its the risk. much more avoidable than losing your keys every time you get killed, which for the average person is often