Will Admin Teleporting result in VAC bans?

Since yesterday’s patch, everytime I teleport myself/anybody I am kicked and the console indicated it was for a speed hack. So I’m wondering if this my lead to an automatic VAC ban and if we should avoid teleporting until further notice?

It will not VAC ban, VAC doesn’t quite work that way. The game itself is kicking you.
Add a new line to server.cfg that says:
truth.punish false
That’ll fix your teleport DC bug.

truth.punish false does NOT solve the kick issue on my server at least.

Did you restart the server? I haven’t had any problems since I made this change and others have said the same.

yeah I did… will try again though… who knows.

Try put it in console
works to if you dont want to restart

only thing you have to do it again after you restart your server so dont forget :slight_smile:

VAC only bans for client side modifications to .DLL’s or .EXE’s it’s most likely a kick from a system someone set in place to prevent it, if it were a VAC ban then the person could not join ANY server.

And yeah try restarting your server.

This is what I have been doing and it no longer works.

i witch way you mean this ?