Will aimbot fix become priority showing up at trello?

This aimbot bs is getting out of hand… VAC isn’t stopping anything. No official word that I’ve seen about it…

VAC will stop it, it just takes time.

And then, players can just make a new account and spend another $20.

Just go to server admins and request IP bans.

VAC is not turned on, and official servers have no admins.

All fps games have aimbots. None of them were able to patch it. Also VAC operates in wave bans, not instant ban on detection. This makes developing hacks harder.

If the officials have no admins then why not find a community server with good ones?

VAC isn’t even implemented, we just gotta wait till it is.

Find a server with admins then

If there is no VAC, what is stopping me still using Cheat Engine?

I don’t understand why the server loading screen say there is a VAC in place but isn’t? That doesn’t make sense unless it’s some kind of pre-implementation thing.

Its still very possible to detect aimbots, especially “perfect” ones like this. Vac only checks for a blacklist of programs and memory editing so its not very good

Lel, if aimbots could be stopped no game would have them.
VAC sucks, therefor aimbots will remain :wink:

Your desire to not be a cheating scumbag?

False. Garry confirmed that it is in effect on twitter.

yes it is