will alien swarm be compatible with garrys mod?

Will the new game valve is releasing on monday work for garrys mod? it said source SDK, so i think it might, but i am wanting a second opinion…


because i was thinking, it would be awsome to have those halo like dudes in GMod…

We’ll have to see. It might be possible that the game uses a system like Left4Dead, and wouldn’t be able to be mounted.

I must thank the OP for asking the very question I was too afraid to ask.

Anyways, I’ve really been hoping for some new NPCs to hold me over until Episode 3 lets us fight Advisors. So, here’s hoping.

Well, I think you can mount it with gmount or something


L4D Engine. It’s Possible, but we need to extract.

Materials folder isnt in vpk, and neither is the maps.


I was thinking the same thing…

I wonder since it’s a top down shooter are the models low quality since you can’t really see them up close?


By models I meant textures.

Possible, but when you go into “adrenaline mode” or whatever it is, there is a small 3rd person camera and they don’t look that bad. Plus I recall seeing some closer than the camera screen shots and I don’t remember them looking to bad.

gm_mount2 my friends, gm_mount2.

And how can I get it in gm_mount2?

Got it working really easy.
A lot of low-res models but some are nice.
Also A LOT of missing textures (And some models crashes gmod).
(Ignore the “LOADING”)

(^Is a prop there are some ragdolls.)

I hope someone gets it working sooner.

The low poly models is going to be the downside of a top-down shooter. They don’t need the sheer amount of detail any other model does.

Doesn’t stop them being cool though.

I looked for the player models but I couldn’t find any anyone knows the path?

And how do you get it work?

they look fine, it even close ups when someone dies, and puts a screen on the top left and goes into slow mo, the screen on the top left looks like dead space and RE5 type thirdperson.


gcfscape opens .vpk’s so help this guy.

If you have gm_mount 2 installed extract this in the garrysmod folder
http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=104663 (Uploaded it just for you :3:)
You’ll still have to mount the game and the models will be in the browse menu becouse I won’t bother making a spawn list.

I tried the mount addon and it didn’t work. I used the lite version but he said the only difference is the spawn icons being there. Under extensions Alien Swarm isn’t there, so does the folder have to be under my steam name folder or do I have to copy the whole game into Gmod? Guess I’m kind of a noob.

Never mind, got it working. Now if I wanted to add a source game that’s not on the list, how would I do it? If it’s not simple just say so and I’ll keep my mouth shut.

Oh thanks :slight_smile: