Will Alpha/Beta player get bonus content?

Most games have a reward or bonus content that you can only get if your an Alpha/beta player or even working at the company.

Normally it something that cosmetic and does not give the user an advantage.

nohting of use or fancy, but as you said something of a cosmetic type would make us feel bit more “dedicated” i guess :smiley:

Knowing the way the game is heading I would imagine player models of Alpha/Beta testers would have larger penises as a reward.

You get to play the game before others. That is the reward.


That true but its more of thank you on the dev side for supporting and help make the game better.

Edit: it true for another games and they still do it

maybe we could just a special player skin? :3

A long beard? to show the experience and wisdom of the old-school survivalist :smiley:

Definitely something that should be added :smiley: we can feel speshul :3

wait, why should we exactly? Some people like myself didn’t even pay for a key.

the gift wouldnt be because you paid for a key but you were a alpha/beta tester. We helped find bugs and we suffered through all the glitches, bugs, and server wipes

You will have to buy a key eventually if you wish to continue playing in the future.

I’ve got an even better idea. We should be able to spawn as girls and look at ourselves in a third-person mode.

Only thing off the top of my head is that people who had and maintained an account prior to Keys being sold(aka early alpha) supposedly have full access to the game as long as its running. Barring doing something to warrant account termination.

I suffered through this subforum, do I get a medal

**maybe beta/alpha players would get a perma blue print to craft a full suit that is for beta/alpha testers only, this suit would have the same benefits of a radio active suit. **

I wanna see some sorta bonus alpha content. Even if it is just a character model you get if you played in the alpha, so if in like 2-3 years if the game is very successful then it would show we tested the game in alpha.

why would you pay for a key to play a beta?

Maybe part of your body will look bigger post release if you were an alpha tester

He is talking about the D, also helk will there be female body’s or just male?