Will converting GMod 12 gamemodes to GMod 13 gamemode be difficult?

I am thinking of purchasing a custom gamemode from somebody, but if i have to convert it myself will it be a pain in the ass?


depends on the gamemode but I’d bet that it’s gonna be hard if you aren’t a decent enough scripter.

Well shit.

Not really, it took me 30mins all i had to do was change info.txt to (gamemodename).txt and change the contents of it, then just change a few File library functions, the information can be found here:http://wiki.garrysmod.com/page/Gamemode_Creation and here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1khSuIYrAMkqXu7wlH5YRJNwz6hOH6Xqi5lqBhE3x6gA/edit?pli=1, you may want to check your menus because some derma functions were removed as well, hope this helps.

If the gamemode is using bunch of datastream… there is no hope.
Example? Well… openAura is Perfect example.

It will be different son.

OpenAura uses console commands for it’s datastream.

no, it will not be hard.

it will be annoying though