Will crosshair cheaters be banned?

I’m hesitant to explain exactly how they do it on an open forum, but there are a lot of people using a crosshair overlay in Rust right now.
The program they’re using is really popular among gamers and its normal ingame overlay is for legitimate things not directly related to the gameplay. Some people figured out how use it to place a dot at the center of their screen to create a crosshair. Since the program they’re using is used by so many legitimate players and because it’s use has never triggered a VAC ban before, I’m curious if VAC is capable of detecting them crosshair cheating with it. I’d very much like to see these cheaters dealt with.

I doubt it. if your talking about a mumble overlay…probably not. I wouldnt worry about it since you can just put a crosshair sticker on your screen and be done with it

You have to really fucking suck at life to not be able to shoot without a crosshair.

no there are too many ways to do it, they should just add an optional crosshair to the game

Real gamers wrap dental floss around their screen for a crosshair

No they won’t a lot of newer monitors come with built in crosshair overlays so it is impossible to be detected unless Garry comes over to your house and checks.

Easier to just put some tape on the screen.

PS: But then again what a retard player are you if you need one?

Lol, real gamers play the way it was meant to be played…

What’s one to do tho with as someone said newer monitors having a cross hair overlay, what’s next aim correction ?

^^ They are out there and I know a few players who use them.

Well it’s possible to ban anyone for using a monitor like that if they like… However way do you want to cheat in a game? Every one will just think you are a d-bag or worse if they suspect you use a thing like that. Besides you just destroy the fun of playing the game for your self in the long run.


May as well ban for gamepads as well

oh, and larger monitors

and superior computers

and changing the brightness

and changing the FOV

and macro mice

and turning off grass

and having a superior internet connection

and having a bad internet connection

and using teamspeak

and not announcing their existence before shooting you in the face

and being good at the game

oh and please piss off with “it gives you an advantage”, literally all of the above does that as well, calling this a “cheat” as if it’s somehow equal to aimbotting is simply idiotic.

I Agree with this more or less, just relax. if people want to use third-party or put a sticker in the middle of their screen to shoot let them :slight_smile:

Don’t forget to ban all admin powers whatsoever. And rcon. All servers are completely headless except for being able to be turned on and off by the GSP.

and obama

Lol XD

Anyway, I think, for example, Teamspeak, gives by far a bigger advantage than a crosshair. While a crosshair is currently only suitable for a bow (as rest of the weapons don’t shoot to the center when shooting from the hip and with the shotgun you shoot when you see the yellow name) the TS gives by far a bigger advantage as it also allows you to do something that you can’t do in game (private communication within short and long distances) but nobody seems to be complaining about it.

I would love to be raided by 10 guys using the ingame VOIP system.

I think it’s funny that people haven’t learned to use the hotbar buttons as a guide for shooting… all the hacks you need are already built into the interface.

Ban crosshairs? How about we ban everyone that touches game settings. That would solve more problems.

Surprised no ones attempted to use programs like windows magnifier to get that little extra zoom while aiming.

Btw windows magnifier takes to long to update it’s render so don’t bother :slight_smile:

Take a guess why no one has.