Will editing the Garry's Mod .gcf file get you VAC banned?

I want to create an alternate gmod gcf file for my extreme low res texture mod, but I don’t want to get VAC banned. Will I get banned, VAC banned, or generally in any trouble for changing it?

Any help is appreciated.


People say VAC isn’t enabled in Garry’s Mod, even if it was editing the GCF wouldn’t get you banned.

Who would need extremely low graphics? Windows 98?

I kind of have an obsession with sacrificing graphics for performance. Being raised on DOOM and Duke Nukem 3D, Quake, etc, I don’t care at all about the graphics of a game. I just thought this would be a fun thing to make, and even though I don’t need it I know people that can and will gladly use it. I know a guy who frequently plays gmod on a computer with, and I shit you not, 256mb of ram on DX6 mode at 320x240. Even with this in place, it’ll still be unplayable probably, but I’m always looking out for my lower-end brothers.

You should get him DOOM.

Lot more fun then GMod in my opinion.

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I’m a racist because Gmod is better than DOOM?

You can’t edit the GCF. There’s no way to do it and it’ll most likely cause CRC error checks which means it’ll override the GCF anyways. What you can do, is just put the lowres textures and models in the respective folders in Garrysmod, mirroring that of the GCF and that’ll work.

You can’t edit a gcf

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Is there any way to get it in addon format? I really want that, but I honestly don’t know how. I can’t find a reskin pack in addon format either, so I can’t just edit something like that to make it fit my needs.


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Addon format would work.

There’s a link to creating an addon in Gmod, that would probably be what you need.

I reckon that is the case. In the mean while Garry is laughing at us.