Will epsiode 2 "mount"multiple materials/models folders?

Because I’ve got a lot of crappy models and it’s a bitch to keep organised.

What I want to do to keep organised is to have multiple materials/models folders for my L4D stuff, L4D2 stuff, DoD:" stuff, etc.

Thanks in advance.

You mean Hammer, or the actual game?

Well, both, since anything in the models and materials folders are mounted by both.


Also, can I use HL2 models in L4D2?

The only way I can think of is by messing with gameinfo.txt in the EP2 directory and trying to make it mount more games. Not sure if you can mount specific folders though.

Can I make Episode 2 mount, for instance, portal by editing the gameinfo.txt?

you could always copy the materials/models out of the GCFs and into the game’s directory… Valve said it was fine to include any Source content in any Source game.