Will Facepunch publish server files in beta stage for everyone?

Hi there,

I would like to know if in future also privat users can host RUST Servers on his own dedicated machines?

In the Steam wiki i can read this:

Means it when the game is in Beta stage we can have the server files?

I would like to create a Server on my machine, but this is still not possible without a password.

I hope someone can explain me if we can have the server files in further releases, or even not.

Please no EA politics, the BF system is not a solution, only games with free server files have future.

Thanks and best regards,

Maybe, but making more threads doesn’t change anything. The server files are not public right now because it’s alpha and the devs don’t want everyone to have copies of the server yet.

Ok, I hope you release the files then in Beta stage, because I would like to create my own Server on my machine.