will game be finished?

someone has brought this up and i would like to make a thread asking garry or helk or whoever, will this game be completed so we don’t waste our money on buying keys for alpha. i know some people are like “herp derp of course garry will finish it” and then he dosent and they paid $200 or 100 on keys. i just want to know like some other people if this game is gona be finished cause it is in alpha and some alpha games don’t get finished.

If you are having concerns now, you probably shouldn’t spend any money on any alpha for any game.

I just want an answer cause i would feel bad for other people… me i aint spending a dime till garry says something or helk or whatever.

Then don’t spend a dime. Will it matter to them? No.

Look at all of the updates on the front page; of course they are going to finish it…

garry did just have a kid I think. so production may be slowed? but not stopped…

i dont think so yet.

Sometimes I wish I could vote posts dumb more than once. If you are too afraid to spend money on the game, don’t.

Why can’t i just ask this question, I just want a straight up answer from garry or helk. thats all i want, i dont want replies saying “dont buy it then” or whatever.

Then e-mail them instead of posting on a forum where they’re unlikely to respond.

Im sure they plan on finishing the game, ofc things can change with time.

And if they didnt plan on finishing the game, and still selling key, do you think they would tell you ? (and no, i cant see this happening)

i just want a dev to say the answer (sorry for spam)

Do you honestly think they’re just going to stop on this project now? The community has demonstrated that there is a demand.

Nobody takes money and sells alpha access to a game they have no intention of ever finishing unless they’re a scammer. I’m not going to put words into your mouth, but is that what you want to suggest you suspect Garry, Pat, and Helk of planning here?

nonononono it’s just like if something happens and garry can’t finish the game or something i just want to know that f something happens will we get a refund? or something?

How old are you? 12? are you asking because your parents are getting it for you and they don’t want to waste there money?

Obviously, I can’t speak for Facepunch Studios/Garry, but I’d think that it’s going to really depend on the situation. If (Heaven forbid) the entire dev team got killed in tragic and unlikely accidents tomorrow, I imagine refunds would be more or less guaranteed. If, three years from now, Rust hasn’t “officially” released but has been for sale and in development the whole time, they stop selling keys and announce they’re shutting down the servers six months in the future, no, probably not.

If you’re not comfortable with that, don’t buy a key.

“i just want attention from the devs so i can brag to my friends about it”

This seems more likely the case. People other than the devs can answer obvious questions, you know.

ok ok now i attracted the fapwiz… i guess this was a stupid idea. i knew from the start this was a stupid idea but i did it anyways…

Can it be thread closing time, please?

i am asking postal now…

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I’ll just take your words for this guess.

What you are basically asking is, in the event of Rust being abandoned, will Garry treat key purchasers fairly?

If you have to ask that question, you probably should not move forward with doing business with him.