Will Garry's Mod die because of S&box

Hey everyone, I decided to write my opinion on whether or not Gmod will die because of S&box. I included as much information and proof of my claims as possible, but in the end, we’ll only know once the game’s been out a few years!

Please let me know if you agree or disagree, because I’d love to update my post with better info if you have some.

Below, we can discuss your thoughts on if I’m wrong or if you agree!

TL;DR: I believe Garry’s Mod will slowly be replaced by S&box as content is added to the base game.


I agree with the TL;DR, Garry’s mod has been out for a very long time now and it seems like some if not most of the servers on it are starting to disappear.

Though for all we know it could be like TF2 and one devoted community might keep it living as long as possible despite S&Box replacing it, though I guess we’ll have to wait and see. : P


I’m sure Garry’s mod will be alive at least a couple more years, partially because of the people that want everything to be Lua instead of a proper programming language.


This is such a great post!

And I think Garry’s mod will die a few months later after S&Box final release!


How is Lua not a “proper programming language”?


Arrays start from 1 for some ungodly reason.
Doesn’t support unicode.
Doesn’t fully support regexes (at least in Gmod afaik).
Doesn’t support foo++ / foo += bar.

And I’m sure there is a lot more.


Doesn’t make it not a proper programming language, it just means it lacks features that other languages do.


I agree I think it’ll be a sort of gradual thing, starting with sandbox (the mode not the game) players who play solo a lot, then one by one different gamemodes will have S&Box versions until gmod is a wasteland.

I don’t think S&Box will ever escape the whole ‘Garry’s Mod 2’ thing, not that I think it’s neccesarily a bad thing.


You are really missing the point of Lua. It’s supposed to be an easy, beginner friendly, portable and SMALL programming language. That’s why it doesn’t have Regex, but provides Patterns. The syntax is supposed to be simple & easy so that it can be easily reimplemented and understood by a compiler/interpreter/VM developer.

Is Brainfuck not a “proper programming language” because it has… none of these features? Of course not. You tell the machine what to do; it does it :smiley:

It’s very tempting to shit on Lua because of muh C family languages, but I’m sure a heaving amount of us started off with Lua and owe our careers to it thanks to its simplicity, beginner friendliness and portability. I certainly do, I learnt Lua when I was fucking nine. I would feel sorry for nine year old me if he was forced to learn a C family language, or really any other lower level ““proper programming language”” that people worship.

C# is awesome news to us experienced programmers, but Lua was always a fantastic start to programming for the absolute beginner, and it’s a huge reason for Garry’s Mod and ROBLOX’s success, for example, since the barrier to access is so low even a nine year old can learn it.


There will be only a tiny few server owners left on gmod for probably 1 more year and then it just wont be worth hosting anything anymore, since it’s not really a single player game it will likely be closed down.

The same thing happened with halo 1 multipler lobbys and many other games. It’s a cycle and gmod had an amazing run, Just my 5c :cowboy_hat_face:


Those “reasons” are bullshit and are simply differences you have to get used to.

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Gmod won’t die at least for the time being. What many people don’t realise is how popular the game is in South America (and many other ‘developing countries’). Since PCs are really really expensive there, Gmod is a great option for people who want to play multiplayer games at a stable frame rate without having to destroy their computers. So, if S&Box is able to keep the performance, Gmod will probably slowly die, but if S&Box requires a much more powerful PC the community will most probably be divided.
(Obviously when I talk about the S&Box performance I am talking about a mini game without a lot of entities/models/animations and so on, it would have to be a toned down experience so that more people can run it).


Seeing that I been playing HL2:DM and a few other practically dead source games/mods, there will always be a handful of servers out there to keep it alive, even after S&Box long becomes the main game.

I’m not sure how many gamemodes there would be at launch, so I presume users would continue playing their favourite ones on GMod until they are ported over to S&Box which could take months or years.

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What a weird thing to gatekeep on.

Gmod is too much of a classic to perish

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Garry’s Mod will probably die because of time.

Generally, more creators are more motivated in s&box, so on release if there are alot of fun gamemodes etc, I think it will take over quicker as more people are moving to sbox

I think GMod will take a big hit from activity when this releases, but I do not think it will die. At least not completely for a long time yet.

:frowning: aw man garry’s mod

I don’t think GMod will die. Take CS Source for example, it’s a game that reached it’s peak almost 14 years ago, despite it’s successor (CS:GO) being released over 9 years ago at this point, today it still racks up 5000 players every day,

Keep in mind that CS Source’s playerbase has gradually lowered from 50 thousand people playing everyday (at the time of the CSGO release) to 5000 players in the span of 9 YEARS.
I don’t know if this is a proper comparison to Garry’s Mod, but to heck with it.

All i’m saying it could potentially take a very long amount of time before we can see a significant drop in the Garry’s Mod playerbase. At least until it’s gamemodes are copied perfectly to s&box (Namely DarkRP as it seems to be the most popular after Sandbox) we can’t call it a “Dead game” yet.