Will GMod Ever Get Its Own Icon?

It’s been borrowing the HL2 icon forever, will it be getting its own in a future update?

Is this what you mean?


(try reinstalling)

I think he means this right here.


Short answer for the bar, No.

I officially love you.

Why would that tiny little icon matter at all?

That’s an issue with how Steam starts the applications, and how the superbar tracks them (It’ll do the same thing with TF2 and such, often my Steam icon is actually replaced with the TF2 icon)

Is it because they all run on Source, and the computer thinks Source is one kind of program? I noticed all my games are labeled as hl2.exe in task manager.

this is what i call a funny thread

I think you enter the resource folder, take the gmod icon and convert to .ico using a program, and rename it game.ico and stuff it inside the resource folder. The should fix it I think.

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It doesn’t think source is one kind of program, it’s just looking for the .exe is using, and valve never bothered changing it to portal.exe or anything so it’s just like that.

most valve games uses hl2.exe

Mainly because Valve doesn’t rename hl2.exe for anything. They did change left 4 dead though.

And TF2.

Interestingly enough someone already created an addon that makes the Gmod icon appear in the Taskbar section. I never checked to see if it worked though.

No. TF2 uses hl2.exe

You guys seems to forget that Garry’s Mod is in fact a (gasp) mod, so it uses hl2.exe to run.

Well, it’s not exactly a mod anymore, now is it? It doesn’t require HL2 to run anymore, although it is a requirement that you own a source game (due to legal issues or whatever, not sure).

If it requires another game to run, then yes, it is a mod.

Only that it doesn’t require another game to run.
If you for example pirate GMod, you will see that it works perfectly fine standalone. It is just a condition that you own a source game before buying GMod, but it is in no way a real requirement for the game to run.