Will GMod Extensions content still work if i remove their Respective sdkbases and exe?

I’ve been re downloading games that can be mounted on gmod, and needless to say, they’re pretty huge, i’m running low on space and i still got several games to go…

My problem is i only want to use their maps, models and the like, i have no intention of playing these games(having finished/played them already) would gmod still detect the game as mounted if i deleted their exe, bin and that darned SDK/sourceengine Base that is basically the same i already have installed on steam but copies them for each source mod (Pirates, vikings and knights ii did this, probably the same for others)
This in turn, just bloats up and uses needed disk space i am running low of.

There’s one thing i did try, like placing the maps, models and materials to a folder and placing it into addons, but the recent updates copies the background and changes some things when you do that, wherein normally mounted games don’t do conflicts like these.

I sure hope i’m posting in the right section, as this is for playing gmod.
thanks in advance folks.

You still do need the SDK/sourceengine folders in the garrymod subdirectory due to it having a different layout compared to the 2007 SDK, however, you can delete the exe and their respective sdkbases of any game you want to mount.

You can delete everything in mounted game folder, except mod folder (it used to detect what game do you mount, i.e. ‘cstrike’, but you can remove many things inside), ‘materials’, ‘models’, ‘particles’, ‘scripts’ folders and .VPK-files. You can delete “sound” folder if you don’t use sounds from this mod. Also, most mods have moved all this folders to .VPK archives, so don’t except saving much on deleting sounds - GMOD can just don’t recognize mod because of modified .VPK’s

Thats all i needed know, i just tried it by temporarily moving the said files and gmod detect’s it and is still mounted, Thank you very much!

You should be fine deleting all the .dlls, .exes and the extra hl2/ folders in any of your mountable games, Garry’s Mod does not mount or look for those.

ah, that could save me more space, but it some maps use some of the materials/sounds not packed in vpk’s and whatnot so i’ll have to try some testing before i go fiddle with with main folder where the rest of the content is.

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Thanks for the reply!
just did this with counterstrikes hl2 folder and it worked fine!

and i guess i’ll marked this solved.

Thank you guys for the help!