Will GMod recognise source games not on steam account?

I didn’t think this was a normal question asked, so I thought I’d make my own thread. I recently just recovered my half life 2 account along with CS:S and with the whole non transferable games to new accounts I have only half life 2 and counter strike source on one single account while the rest of my games are on another account. My question is, I have CS:S and Half Life 2 installed on my pc, but if Garry’s Mod is on my other account, will I still be able to use the content from HL2 and CS:S? I really dont wanna buy Garry’s mod on an account I’m never on.


It can only fetch content belonging to you

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As in being the account gmod is on

Well thats pretty shitty. I got l4d2 on my main account, guess ill just activate gmod on my useless account.