will gmod run on my pc?

I bought a new pc and i was thinking will it run on these settings

Intel core i3 3.0ghz
750gb harddrive
4gb RAM
Windows 8 Single languge
Intel HD Graphics 3000

Thanks for you 4 reading this (Sorry if i didnt make any sense)

with the integrated graphics, you won’t get any higher than 20fps on lowest graphics settings on an empty map.

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but yes, it will technically run.

My laptop has around the same specs but then with a decent i5. It ran about 30 fps but yeah, add a ragdoll and you are done :v:

Don’t even bother.

I’d recommend upgrading GPU to decent Nvidia/ATI one, it should improve FPS in game.

Yea normally when you buy something with (integrated graphics) It’s bad.

Actually your laptop has around the same specs as my laptop, actually the same but I have more RAM that I installed myself, and I can play Gmod at medium/high graphical settings at 20-30 FPS with laggy addons like PAC3. Without PAC3 you’d probably get 40 or so, depending on the map. On lowest settings you’ll probably get higher.

The Intel GMA HD 3000 series is actually not really that bad. It’s not your average integrated Intel chipset.

Though I recommend you get more RAM, because Gmod eats a lot of it and you can’t have many programs open at once along with Gmod. I put an extra 4GB in my laptop.

Though, let me guess… Do you have a Dell Inspiron 15r?

I remember playing Gmod with Intel HD 2000. Somehow magically had 30-40FPS

How about

Intel core i7 extreme edition
12gb RAM
750GB harddrive
Intel GMA 950
Windows 8
4.10 ghz

That’s all good except for the Intel graphics card. It MAY cause some issues, but it usually depends on the model. The processor is really good.

I had that graphics card. It couldn’t do 720p YouTube videos…
Get something with a graphics card, even amds higher end APUs should be fine for gmod ( don’t expect something like crysis to run on it though)

Ok before i buy a pc can you tell me the good specs?

Likee nVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT

Intel Xeon proseccor bla dont fail me guys ok?

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It runs on intel hd 2000 magicly so whats problem in 3000?

If you have the money. You can get a AMD HD7750 for around 100$, Runs Gmod at a constant 60 FPS for me. You might have more then me because you have a more powerfull processor then me.

that’ll run like ass

you should go with a much better card, like 400-500 series. I have a 560

I used to have a 9800, it runs OK at best, but not much more than assy.

I got around like 1500$

Was if just a GeForce 9800 or a 9800GTX? The GeForce 9800GTX+ was the best GPUs I ever bought. 5 years later and this thing can run Far Cry 3 on Ultra and run the horribly optimized GTA IV at 40-60 FPS. Sucks though that the drivers for it are shit.

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1500$? With that amount of money you can build yourself a ultimate gaming rig.

?.. just core i3 + intel gma can do this…

You guys are incorrect. I have these same specs on my work PC, and it can run source games fine. Yes, you can play Garry’s Mod, but don’t expect to be able to spam the map with loads of props.

Thats what i wanted to hear YES OR NO.

Thanks for this answer thread now is marked as solved.