Will GMod still be updated after S&Box release?

So I want to know if Facepunch will still continue making updates for GMod after the big S&Box release.

The current and only developer of Garry’s Mod is now making occasional changes to the S&Box repository so the state of development is very slow to non-existent in adding new features (however, he is still active on crucial bug fixes). Unfortunately, given the age of the game and its state, I seriously doubt that Garry wants to recruit additional people at this time. I hope time will prove me wrong.

This is a guess, But following that ^ and the philosophy of the life cycle of games. It’s probably going to slowly drift into an eternal sleep

so it’s unlikely it will be updated.

i think that it is fine enough the way it is the only thing they would update would be bugs but i think that’s all for the future

gmod has been around for as long as half life 2 has been around minus a few months iirc, i feel like its EOL for updates is very near…