Will GMOD work on my new laptop?

Ok here are the specs:

Powerbook Pismo 2000

OS- Windows ME
RAM- 512 megabytes
Graphics Card- Orchid Righteous3D 3Dfx Voodoo
Processor- AMD Am2900 (1 core, 2mhz)

LOLZ i figure it shood work on COD 4 and stuff y not gmod?

2 Mhz?!!!
You’d be lucky to play pacman on that =D

That’s a wierd graphics card.

You might be able to play it on lowest everything, but I doubt it. (assuming you made a mistake when you said 2mhz)

Why do so many people ask if there “Laptop” can play Gmod. The answer is always gonna be NO unless you have tried it and have faith that it would work therefor you wouldn’t be asking!



Here, read this article on “Low end Mac.com”- http://lowendmac.com/pb2/powerbook-g3-guide.html

Picture of his computer-

I beg of you! please just buy a new one PLEASE!!! you can make a pact for that one and hang it on your wall

Oh ya I forgot to answer your question, lol. It’s no way.

You know you might wanna buy a actual computer like a Windows XP and a extremely good buff.

Laptops arn’t really meant for games.

My laptop used to be able to play Gmod when it became pretty much unplayable on my desktop when it switched over to the Ep. 2 engine.

Not anymore.

Anyhow, I know it can be played, though with low FPS, with that amount of RAM.


lolz but it works fin on COD 4 man

#1 Windows ME?!?!?!
#2 Barely enough RAM for Half-Life 2, let alone GMod
#3 Orchid Righteous3D 3Dfx Voodoo, i remember those. THat was like the transition to 3D, theres no way that will work
#4 guess you meant 2GHz? THat part is borderline



Dude u just dont respect my laptop