Will Gmod work with a CSS guest pass?

I wanted to buy Gmod, but unfortunately, the games required for Gmod don’t interest me enough to buy them - I don’t really like first-person shooters (CS:S, HL2, TF2) and I suck at puzzle games (Portal).

A friend recently gave me a CS:S guest pass that I downloaded and installed. I just want to know, would Gmod work with a CS:S guest pass, even after it expires? From what I’ve read, CS:S has most of the textures, models, etc that people in Gmod use and I’m sure that the guest pass has all of the requirements for Gmod.

tl;dr - I want to buy Gmod because I don’t care for any of the required games, and I want to know if a CS:S guest pass would work.

Sorry if the question was already answered somewhere, I Googled it a million times and nothing came up.

You need a full game. Buy CS:S, it’s not that expensive anyway. And many servers use CS:S content.

Just buy this pack: CSS + Gmod

It gets you both and garrysmod is half off in that pack.

I guess I won’t be playing Gmod anytime soon then. :expressionless:

Thanks anyway, though.

Just buy it. Its not that much. Jeez

It’s not that hard to read. I don’t believe something is worth buying if I would never use it. If Gmod was its own game, I would buy it right now.

You need a game that gives you access to Source SDK, so only the games on this list work for it: List

Take note that the HL2DM on that list IS NOT the same as the free game offer that some video cards have, since the free one does not give you the SDK. The guest pass might work while it’s active if you have access to Source SDK, but I don’t think it will let you keep going after the pass expires.

You really have to buy one of the games off that list, preferably CSS and/or Episode 2 given that loads of gamemodes make use of CSS content and I think quite a few maps use EP2 content. If you absolutely want to put as little money into this as you can, get HL2DM from that page for 5 bucks and Gmod for 10. I really don’t advise that, but it’s probably your only option. TF2 / Gmod and CSS / Gmod may cost 25 bucks but really do offer a lot of content for you to use, far more than HL2DM.