Will Gmod Work With HL2 Deathmatch?

Ok so I bought hl2dm recently since it was cheap and I had like 6 bucks left. Now, my friend wants me to get gmod and I played it and now want it too.

I heard it only works if you have a source game but I was wondering if hl2dm would work since on Steam it says that it doesn’t work with the “bundled” version.

So will my copy work?

If you got HL2DM from the Nvidia/ATI offer no it wouldn’t it should for you though you just won’t have a who lot and see alot of errors

If it’s HLDM: Source then yes.

He said Half Life 2 Deathmatch.

So could I fix that be downloading some stuff or would I need more source games?

It works yes, I originally got hl2dm for like 10 bucks just do get GMod.

Thanks for your answers :smile:
It would probably be quite a while before I could get it though, so if anyone wanted to gift it to me, its only $10.

The game will work, yes but you will be missing lots of content

It will work but i suggest you get CS:S too

without css you can barely play gmod
infact, if you wanted as much out of it as possible, you should get the orange box too.

I Got Everything except HL2DM (i got the free one from nvdia) DoD:s and Zeno Clash

Get the Orange Box, and CS:S and you will have the best time with GMOD

CS:S + GMod Pack. I feel CS:S is practically a requirement of GMod, because everyone and everything uses it.

Also, Orange Box == Good deal. Bunch of good games, ton of content for GMod…after that the only errors you get from missing Source games is Day of Defeat, but that hardly ever gets used.

Garry’s mod ONLY works with Half-Life 2 deathmatch:Source




Well I should have CSS tomorrow or sometime this week since my friend is getting the Valve complete pack and already has it.

Wow, that’s top shelf for misinformation.

First, Half-Life 2: Deathmatch. There is no “Source” anywhere in the title.

Second, it’s not the only game it works for. CS:S, HL2, one of the episodes, Portal, TF2, hell, even Half-Life 1: Source (where the Source DOES exist) would work. Plus, you have to actually BUY HL2:DM, not get it through the hardware offers.

you misunderstood me. I know that those games work, but I’m saying that only the source version of HL2DM will work with Garry’s Mod.

I’m pretty sure there’s not a non-source version.