"Will hug for munee"

A quickie but C&C still appreciated.

Whoever rated the boxes, I thank you. Now he has nice box home to sleep in with comfort knowing that he has the hearts of many (Figuratively and quite possibly literally :v:)

Hug Campaign.

Oh and “Will hug for proper education.”


I lol’d

Poor zombie.

I’d hug him.

More like he’d pay for a hug. :v:



by the way what font is that

Acki Preschool

poor fella :confused:

Was I the only one who thought it was another damn Kingdom Hearts picture? (Currency in that game is called munee)

Poor dude.

Have a Heart.

If L4D zombies would have faceposing, that guy would look sad. Have a



awwww :smith: poor guy

Reminds me of one of my poses.


The Natural Advancement for Maimed Zombies endorses this.

I laughed, nice pose, and edit.

Donate to Zombaid.

How did he write without arms?

I did it for him.

I actually did look to that pose as a bit of inspiration for this :v: