Will I be able to run this?

Yes I am a Skyrim Fan Boy :smiley:

My specs are:

  • Processer: AMD Athlon II P340 Dual-Core (2 CPUS) 2.2 Ghz

  • Ram: 3gbs Of Ram

  • Os: Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit

  • GPU: ATI Mobility Radeon 4200 Series

  • System: HP G62 Notebook PC

  • Other notes: I can run Arma II on all low settings, Minecraft at about 50 frames, And Cod at 20 WaW at all times.

Your choice in games only brings hope to this already amazing community.


Not even lowest specs? D:

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Sarcasm? or? xD

mobile cards aren’t supported

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Oh now that freaking blows.

I’m sure a smart person like you (as is anyone who uses xD unironically) should be able to figure that out very easily.

If you are on a laptop you probably will not be able to run the game as many users that have keys and play on their laptops with really good specs could not play but some people got lucky and it lets them play

It’s not down to luck or whether it’s a laptop, it’s the graphics card. If your laptop has integrated graphics, it won’t work. If you had a PC with integrated graphics (which means you’re a cheap motherfucker), it won’t work either.

I have 256 mbs of Dedicated memory, not sure if it still means it is integrated

It does. I don’t suppose you have a desktop or other computer that doesn’t suck ass?

Nope, I’m building one at the moment, but until then; Im fucked. :confused: