Will I be vac banned ?

So I decided that I wanted to play some garry’s mod darkrp after a couple hours of gameplay a dude joins. and he starts to yell in chat “ddos” and “I hacked your ip” I didn’t really believe the crazy s*** he was saying so I did bother… Moments later the server crashed once I got back into the server again I noticed people flying around and when you crouch’d your guy would zoom across the map… I’m pretty sure it was somekind of hack that the ddoser put in or somesh** anyways you kinda understand what i’m trying to say right. somekind of serverside hack he place’d into the files or something… but it affected everyone so I’m wondering will we get vac banned for this? Ive had nothing to do with it, I just joined a server and it seems that its been screw’d around with a bit. A friendly yes you will or no you won’t would be fine. thanks :downs:

Are you stupid?


Yes, I am stupid