Will I still be able to buy a RUST key when it is on steam?

Hello! I was wondering if I will still be able to buy a key when it is on steam.

No you won’t be able to buy any keys for the 1/2 month of secretly test on steam.

You’ll be able to play rust on steam if you get a key before it move to steam.

How do we know this?

Playrust.com home page,second post,third paragraph

well the keys wont stop being sold immediately, but if you want a key i would buy one soon

Well just in case if your too lazy you can just click here: http://www.playrust.com/buy/ ,
and I know I don’t like complicated stuff especially on my birthday. (Today btw)

what if you have keys that haven’t been used yet? can you still use them after keys stop being sold and it moves to steam?

Purchases will still be made through www.playrust.com

Wait so, when the steam client comes out. Can people still get the keys on that website?

if I already have an account will I be able to activate on steam without an extra ‘buy’?

If i was you i would get them registered as beta testing is only for registered user as garry stated in his post. therefore if you have keys that havent been activated then u wont get beta keys… you have to be a registered user. it doesnt matter if you dont play the game with the keys as long as you have an account registered to it.

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If you mean. will u be able to play rust without buying it again on steam then yes as long as you have registered yourself on playrust.com with the alpha key.

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That is still unknown. When i opened a thread with the same question last week i got banned cause i had this guy swearing and i replied back with the same language and one of the mods thought i was flamming whilst the other guy went off without anything but thats a diff. story for another day… relating to your question. i think im going to tweet it out to garry or helk cause none of the devs have answered that question.

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Happy birthday,

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If this accurate? The main page post of Garry’s says if you bought a key before it went down, you would get a steam key.

I have four extra keys I bought during the DDOS days for friends, but I didn’t register them myself. It looks like the join page is no longer up. My assumption was that I’d get a steam key sent for each alpha key I bought, not just for the one I registered.

Happy Birthday, if I see you ingame birthday researches for you (anything your missing darling)

I was mistaken about the registration page being down, it just wouldn’t fully load because I was already logged in with an existing account. After logging out, I was able to register. I registered all my extra keys just in case.

Becasue rust is being released tomorrow you will be able to buy keys 1 or 2 months after the he release :slight_smile:

So most likely, Garry will simply email new keys to all the REGISTERED mail addresses. So if you bought a key but haven’t registered it yet because it was going to be for a friend and haven’t given it to him/her yet, just register it under your email address and Garry is likely to just give fresh keys once it goes to Steam. From there you can just give the Steam key out or let it sit (since Steam key’s don’t expire).

Garry could confirm this but it’s the only logical path forward since Rust doesn’t have to be registered to an email connected with Steam.

Well, they could forward the Steam key to the same e-mail they sent the Rust key to. I don’t know if they store that though or if the purchase mechanism is fire and forget (in terms of the email).

I registered mine to be safe.