Will it Blend: Blender inside Blender

Took about 5 hours of work. And before you say “I see X thing” or “it didn’t work”, most of the “fails” were on purpose to give some comedic effect.

It’s alright but I would use something better to move the blender

Yeah, I kinda thought that after recording. I have a new blade now that works better.
edit: wait I understood that wrong… uh, how would I exactly?

That was sorta lame

You know it said, it was supposed to fail to give it a comedy effect… I totally disagree and you made it totally non funny and wasted 1 minute and 31 seconds and the time it took me to type this reply… THANKS! (sarcasm)

Thank you, these two posts were COMPLETELY constructive and totally will help me in my next video!

No, but honestly. The first post was probably made just for the sake of getting a higher post count, and the second one… well, if you’re wasting time to type something totally not helpful… WHY. THE. FUCK. WOULD YOU DO IT.

I would agree. It could have had another 5 hours work in it.

It’s alright. And lame.

Good idea, poor execution.

I dislike that video.