Will it run? Please help.

Hi first of all (before I get any rage comments) I’ve been saving up and finally i’m getting a new Gaming PC on Christmas. And I just wanted to know if my current old PC will at least run Rust.
Here are the specs-
*Intel® Core™2 Duo CPU E8400 @ 3.00GHz

  • Nvidia Geforce GT 430 1024MB
  • 2.00 GB RAM
  • Windows 7 32 bit
    Again I don’t expect to run this game at Ultra. I just want to know if it will run it

I have similar specs but I have an AMD setup. You should get about 30 fps on low with grass off (maybe a bit more or maybe a bit less. But I can’t say for sure since I don’t have the exact same setup. Also your ram is a bit low)

Yes I know my RAM is low. I’ve been meaning to upgrade it but now it seems to late now. But thanks I appreciate your advice.

First, there’s a thread for this.
Second, 4GB is the minimum specs for Rust, as detailed on Steam. Your computer is insufficient to properly run Rust.

Yes, i’m fully aware of Steam’s "system requirements"and next time i’ll be sure to look at other threads on this subject. I understand that my RAM does not live up to the test. Although some games are play able with lower specs then the minimum. O and next time can you please give me (for lack of a better word) “better” advice? Of course I’ve looked at steam’s rust requirements, I came here to see if anyone else has any experience or relevant advice. Sorry for the bit of rudeness.

Waste of time and a thread. You should always anticipate that having lower than the recommended specs means it will not run. Asking if it will, fully knowing your pc doesn’t meet the requirements is negligent on your part, and furthermore plain stupid.

You want better advice? Upgrade your PC and give it a test. That’s your better advice, as it’s the only advice anyone really can give you. If it doesn’t work… /shrug. Tweak some settings and try again until you cannot try further.

None the less, don’t post a redundant thread that’s already open (bannable offense) and don’t ask questions in which your answers are clearly in front of you… Should be a bannable offense as well.

OK. First of all if you look on my profile I have created this account today i’m new to this thread and have no prier knowledge on the already created threads on this site. (I for sure now with look for other threads before posting my own).

Secondly, on my original post it states " I’ve been saving up and finally i’m getting a new Gaming PC on Christmas". So yes I will be upgrading so your “better advice” isn’t really advice at all.

Third, I fully understand that having lower then the minimum settings for one or two components of your PC with result in failure. Although what I don’t think that you understand is that these settings are not always correct. Yes more then likely the settings are 95% correct. I came here to ask if anyone has had any experience with their PC having lower settings then the minimum requirements and being able to run it. OR if anyone has any advise that might HELP ME…not shut me down.

Finally, You talk about bannable offense but fail to see a new threader when they appear. No, I did not check the front page for threads on my question. Yes, I am a new user who is just figuring out how threads work. And for the record I don’t currently know how or what the bannable offenses are but I hope there is one for rudeness because I came here seeking answers not insults.

Let me explain something to you…

Your answers are in front of you. There are threads stating “FAQ” which means FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS.

There is a SEARCH function, which allows you to search.

There’s a bannable offense for trolling/flaming.

However, your inability to clearly think and decipher “maybe i should look around first” is what ultimately will earn you the ban and not us.

We’ve answered your questions.

Yes, I saw what you posted. Yes, I understand that these specs can sometimes break the cycle and allow you to play on less than the recommended settings. You clearly didn’t take the point for what it was, and for that… you fall on deaf ears to your cries for sympathy.

You wanted better advice… you got it. Upgrade. I realize you said you’re getting a new one for Christmas… Does that matter to me? No. You asked, we told. If you don’t want answers regardless of how blunt and honest they are… DONT ASK FOR THEM.

Plain and simple.

Because, truthfully, no one will feel sympathetic to you saying “you’re rude.” Okay. I’m rude, but I’m also smart enough to use the meat in my head to think about researching and reading rules of forums before posting on them. For you not doing that… you’ve already struck gold on receiving replies filled with incredulously obnoxious comments. The fact of the matter is that regardless of how obnoxious they are… they’re truthful. If you don’t like that or don’t have some form of ‘thick skin’ when it comes to forums and replies… Don’t post. You will not last here without thick skin.

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Here’s some links for you so you don’t end up being ‘THAT GUY’ on here.

http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1323628 (SECTION RULES)

http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1334691 (WILL IT RUN?)

Well hmm I honestly think arguing over the internet is useless so this will be my last message( your feel to leave your rage comments on this thread all you would like). Ok so first thank you for telling me about some of the feature about this thread. And you say you understand that the “system requirement” is not always right.It’s Weird how you say originally “fully knowing your pc doesn’t meet the requirements is negligent on your part, and furthermore plain stupid.”. Here your pretty much saying that if your system does not reach the requirements there is not point in trying. But then you say this “I understand that these specs can sometimes break the cycle and allow you to play on less than the recommended settings” I at this point gave up on you. You counter yourself and then call me the fool. And it’s fine if you don’t care about my Christmas PC it’s not like anyone asked you right?
O and for the 3rd time that advice you gave me…I already took it thats why I said what I said about Christmas. You say your only giving the truth but what your really giving is worthless facts like if you care about my PC. And this is where it ends you say I need “thick skin”. I have thick skin it’s what is keeping me from flaming you. Well that and self control which you obviously don’t have. So yeah thanks for the D-bag comments and whatever report or thing you send. Just try to think…I don’t care about How you feel, The bans, or whatever ridiculous comments you had. All I wanted was answers not repetitive old advise and insults that do no good to any one.


I didn’t corner myself on anything. I said it’s stupid and negligent on your part for knowing that it won’t run and attempting it.

Yes, it’s possible to break the cycle on this sometimes. That doesn’t mean it works every time, ergo, my original statement is still in tact.

Also, if arguing is pointless, why are you responding? Point proven.

You sir, do not know what taking advice is.

For future reference, just leave these forums if you can’t accept that you asked, and again, we told. Get use to it if you want to post on forums… otherwise get lost.