Will Legacy censoring ever come back?

I’m not one who enjoys looking at the dongs of bald men, not that there’s anything wrong with that, so will the green cloth pants from legacy ever come back as an option or maybe a client side mod?

doubt it, they invested time in the pixel censor. make some pants if it offends you, or join a server that gives them to you when you spawn i guess.

I don’t get it, you can censor the game by turning an option in the graphical menus (F2).

So your problem is solved.

OP is asking for a free pair of pants. This isn’t the goodwill cupcake go make your own pants

I can tell you why green pants appeared.

The censor was basically required by Valve in order to be on the store. Originally, Legacy’s censorship was as it is now: blurry flesh-colour pixels.

However, the old sky system was inefficient and crap. Unity has a finite number of render cameras that can be used at once, and the old sky system uses one to render the sky.

Because that camera is being used for sky, it’s one camera short for everything else–and this includes occluding the censor blur behind solid objects. This meant that if you were in your base and a naked Newman was circling your walls, you would see the unoccluded blur through the wall.

That’s right: ESPenis hacks. As an alternative, green pants censor.

The sky system in experimental is a customized version of the sky system Andre published to the Unity Asset store. One of its strengths is that it’s much better than the old crap sky in legacy and doesn’t use a render camera where the old sky did. That means penis blur occlusion is back, and out goes the green pants.

I think the real question is why are you looking at dongs and not playing the game?