Will Model If You Supply Sketches :)

Contact me if you are interested…

Lets see some of your work.


Hope this counts as contact

wait; are you talking about being a reference model or making models. this can get confusing.

I will interpret your sketches into 3D via 3ds Max and render it out, send the file back to you or render out a 360 degree turntable

I’m doing this as I need content for my showreel for future jobs etc

So it helps both me out as well as the initial artist

I’m doing it for free so consider $50 times X amount of hours that person would save a fair bit of cash

I’m at work now but when I get home I’ll put up some of my stuff I’m actually proud of lol



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are you looking for anything in particular? ie. people, vehicles, buildings, ect.

Vehicles and buildings are my strong point

Some debris would be nice, like a pile of rubble from a destroyed building or something.

If you are capable of interpretting art, perhaps something from Deviantart too?

hand-drawn sketches or blueprints?

something like this maybe? http://fc04.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2012/052/5/4/546394b34c5ce69d7d6b06e933ac2a7a-d31zc01.jpg

Could you model one of these?

They’re kinda hard to do due to the shaping of the sides (the wheelwells kinda bulge out a tad) but it would be an impressive showpiece.

some trim/molding would be really nice in lots of different lengths. if you’d prefer i could draw some outlines.

if you want things like the above post then you should specify that, other wise this is going to turn into a request thread.

also; how much of the process are you doing? everything inculding exporting to source, just modeling, or texturing as well?

Yeah this looks perfect!

I guess its the whole, I can make anything so there’s too much to choose from but If I have someone else relying on me Im more likely to complete that model.

Who’s the artist?


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Yeah thats pretty good but for me thats a good 30 hours lol

I might give it a try after the other one thats a bit more simplistic


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Just Modelling and Texturing,
I tried the whole exporting to source and it just gave me a headache lol
theres like 6 different programs you have to get to work and half of them werent working for me

This thread is mainly because Im not an ideas man and I need material for my showreel for future career opportunities
if I can make something for someone in the process then its 2 birds with 1 cup, I mean stone. ha

Make sense?


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Hand drawn is better just because its more unique and most probably hasn’t been modelled before

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By the way I’m pretty new here

Sorry if im not replying to the right people lol

I pm’d you.

I know its a tough one, its a drawing i made recently using my phone, hope you like it :slight_smile:
I can redo the sketch if you want so you can make him easier, but that will take some time honestly


What about, that?

Nah, I’m joking. Ben300’s stuff brings fetishes (You know what I’m writing about, I don’t have to explain)

Thank you. I’m sort of an SUV guy and I think the new Durango design looks slick, but I’m pretty occupied at the moment and I’m not at that level of modeling yet. I’d been meaning to make one of those as a drivable vehicle for gmod, after I got done with the previous generation, but lately I don’t have the time because I’ve been dealing with the fallout of a very real car accident. Your offer to make one is quite generous. even if it’s just an exterior shell, just having one would make me happy since I’m doing pretty decent at giving good interiors to car models.

Do you think you could model something like this?


(It’s a flickr link, I can’t seem to ge tit to show up as an image here)

Hey Guys

Just made this for Angry Man

Took just over an hour with a few PC crashes