will portal 2 content be on gmod?

on gmod will you get portal 2 content on so you can make portal 2 props,turrets,maps,ents (plates) and the portal gun? I hope you will and please get it on thank you!

props - maybe
ents/npcs/maps - NO
portal gun - almost impossible (engine needs to be updated to the portal 2 engine, but that will most likely never happen)

How do you miss this thread, http://www.facepunch.com/threads/1063846-Garry-what-do-you-plan-to-do-with-the-new-portal-2-content-comming-out

well im not going to look at that am i ow look what a co-ins i looked at that to! =3 if you know what I mean + I did not look at any others so that’s why!

Can someone translate this?

I think we should focus on getting the Portal 1 engine in Garry’s Mod before putting the Portal 2 Engine In.

You do realize that the portal 1 engine is older than the current engine?

That’s not the point,garry will never include any part of code from portal in garrysmod,that’d be like stealing.
We also will never get npcs from portal/portal2/l4d/l4d2 in an official way (hardcoded).
Only models/materials and sounds.

And Soundscripts, and Maps, and Animations, and Scenes

Sorry for Very bad spelling! i meant to say
"well i am not going to look at that am i… Ow look what a coincident i look at that to! if you know what I mean! + because i did not look at any others!

Props ------> http://www.facepunch.com/threads/1082450
Npcs -------> http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=121053
Portal gun-> http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?tag=Portal+gun

Wow! Thank you! ZombieSandvich!

I doubt it, the Portal 2 engine is somewhat more advanced than the Source Engine that Gmod uses.

Another one of these threads? All I can say is that portal 2 content WONT be in the next big gmod update.
EDIT: Whoops, dident know this thread was 6 months old. What was the point of bumping this just so people can read what you meant (I still cant read it).


The problem is,EP3 isn’t released!

Garry has said there is no point to update to the engine branch that Portal 2 uses because it is just a branch and not the main thing like Half-Life 3/Episode Three will have.