Will resource lua work?

So I made my resource addon lua and I decided I wanted to comment it so I would know what each thing is in case I ever wanted to remove anything heres the code will this function properly on my server?

-- Game Modes
resource.AddWorkshop("277013349") -- Cops and Runners
resource.AddWorkshop("266512527") -- Hide and Seek
resource.AddWorkshop("237537750") -- Melonbomber
resource.AddWorkshop("139263490") -- Morbus
resource.AddWorkshop("187073946") -- Murder
resource.AddWorkshop("143190159") -- Prop Hunt
-- Maps
resource.AddWorkshop("316514854") -- ZS Castle Keep
resource.AddWorkshop("365636717") -- Water Plant Hide & Seek
resource.AddWorkshop("332228832") -- ZS Antarctic Hospital
resource.AddWorkshop("301019216") -- Offshore
resource.AddWorkshop("400754706") -- Museum
resource.AddWorkshop("267816550") -- PH Expired
resource.AddWorkshop("281170429") -- GM Slums (hide and Seek + Murder)
resource.AddWorkshop("370665586") -- GM Night V4
resource.AddWorkshop("257468893") -- Half Docks (hide & Seek)
resource.AddWorkshop("242494243") -- DE Desert Atrocity V3
resource.AddWorkshop("377599924") -- TTT Abyss (TTT/Murder/Hide & Seek)
resource.AddWorkshop("188570538") -- PROP HUNT Wolvin's Little Garden Arena
resource.AddWorkshop("334233449") -- GM School Building V2.2
resource.AddWorkshop("344972759") -- A-Frame Night
resource.AddWorkshop("330698179") -- Coast Manor (TTT, Hide&Seek and Murder)
resource.AddWorkshop("364197704") -- PH Trainstation
resource.AddWorkshop("362988826") -- TTT Harbor (TTT/Murder/Hide & Seek/Prop Hunt)
resource.AddWorkshop("319602279") -- Discovery
resource.AddWorkshop("366133751") -- PH Mountainbase
resource.AddWorkshop("325301700") -- Backlot Hide & Seek

Do you any a reason to doubt? I see nothing wrong with it, you should maybe try the code first, and if you run into any errors please make a thread about it in the Developer Discussion, or most preferably, make a post about it in the Problems That Don’t Need Their Own Thread thread. ( This is the wrong section, pretty much )

Adding everything, regardless of whether it will be used, is a bit careless however. Add checks for the map the server is currently using, and the gamemode, and only make the client download the workshop addons required.

Shebang! Note that this is a shameless self-plug, and there are other tools that may or may not be better than mine.

Links to how to do that? I’m running my server on serenity servers.

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Oh and yeah it seems to work fine. I didn’t have anyone available to try it on till now.

I’m not aware of any links but it’s pretty simple.

if string.lower(game.GetMap()) == map then

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To get the gamemode you can use gmod.GetGamemode.