Will Rust allow custom maps?

I was just curious since Garry’s Mod allows maps from the community via Source SDK since it’s on the same engine as all other source games will he allow and or create a unity map editor so the community can create maps for Rust?
Thanks for taking the time out to read this.

Knowing FP and garry, I think this is likely to happen after the actual release.

i agree with korpijeesus. gmod, minecraft and stalker all have big modding communities, and rust is aiming to be the hybrid of these games, so i dont see why it wouldn’t allow custom maps after release.

Rust is not being developed on Source engine it’s being developed in Unity.

People really need to get it through their head that this game has nothing to do with gmod at all.

he didn’t say that it was

my bad, had trouble processing how he wrote that the first time I read it.

I do see a lot of people comparing the game to gmod though.

Pretty sure he did.

it makes more sense with a comma

Good question. I personally hope it doesn’t. I hope the developers add on more than just one map, but not a massive amount. Say you wanted a desert scenario, snow scenario, forest scenario, or an Island scenario. But I’m not sure about letting people make their own maps, leaving hundreds to be played. Doing that would stretch the game out too thin, leaving few players on many servers, but at the same time you don’t want few servers with too many players. Great thing to think about XD Only time will tell :slight_smile:

I hope that maybe they have like… 5 maps, or so, you know, with different landscapes,
than people can just either hire/make their own dedicated servers, so that us australians can actually play with <200 ping.

Idk, I hope so! It’d help those creative minds make creative maps

Lots of maps to choose from or allowing us to make our own will do nothing at all to stretch the player base thin. Having to many servers up all at once is the only way to stretch the player base… its not like they will make 1 official server for every map we as a community make…

I hope this means that there will be the ability to make our own maps and not just for the devs.