Will Rust always be a single server Mayhem game?

Im considering getting the game, but dont see any description of where it will go in the future.

Many games in recent times have tried the “survival” or “zombie survival” genre, but have ALL deteriorated into a CoD style game with little indifference to the environment.
Although the concept is great, the playerbase attracted dont actually care about the consquences of death so its not in any way similar to what a survival setting might be like, with just gangs of people going house to house, blowing it up and killing all inhabitants, then finding there was no loot anyway, not caring and moving on to the next.

Will it ever be available single player? or with a small server option? PvE servers? will the PvE aspect of the game ever be able to make it viable? Hoards of roaming zombies? much more limited resources? etc?

Or will it forever be CoD with small radiated areas?

Thanks you for any responces.

We’re experimenting.

I realise this is all extremely early, and the direction may not be clear or decided, but does that mean its a possibility? or as with some games its not something you would like to see your game open to?

I completely understand that you have a vision of the games future, and some people heck a lot of people, are no doubt extremely interested in exactly the “atmosphere” the game carries currently with uninhibited pvp all day every day. Just wondered if the vision for the game includes other options? before i spend money to get it :slight_smile:

i was thinking the same myself and i know it’s been mentioned that the zombies are just placeholders.

Maybe the devs could look along the lines of having factions i.e. instead of people being lone wolfs you have a choice to make on a per character basis as to which group you align yourself with then you work with said group to build communitys/towns and defend it from the opposing factions

I think the mayhem is good, because it encourages people to bring friends and meet new ones.

I know what your saying, but watching a stream, or any of the youtube vids, or comparing it to many others of the type, it simply does denegerate into a pvp fest.

Im not for a single second suggesting those who love this to not be allowed to do so, my question was for those of us who are not 13, don’t have a classroom full of friends to go online with, and who want to actually play the game without logging on for a short time after work, to find all you built gone, and spend your entire playing time simply building a base all over again, every time you play…

Whether there might be an option in the future for a single or small server version, or a co-op mode, where the work that goes into all the rest of the game, i.e. the building, growing, crafting, zombies, environment, may actually be of value. At the present time every single stream or VoD you watch of the game, involves NOTHING but pvp which begs the question, why are there zombies or anything else in the game at all?

Are there stories of some people who found new friends and formed a group and hit back? sure there are! and great job… but not everyone has the time or inclination to do so.

Just wait until it gets 100.000 players on one server :v:

I would still be interested in knowing if there are plans to make single player allowed, or pve servers and if the pve element of the game is something that will be made viable in the future?


If you think about it, there actually isn’t very much else to do.

You can’t exactly go out and “PvE”, because frankly, it isn’t that hard to survive. Travelling alone also presents the very real threat of being shot in the face by another player at any time. You can’t disable PvP, so you can’t opt out.

It’s easy to dismiss the community building aspect and say that the game degenerates into PvP, because it does. With more shit to do, people won’t be bored and looking to shoot their gun off at random people all the time.

I wasn’t saying in my post that the threat of being PK’d isn’t a constant one, or that your house couldn’t be raided at any time. What I was saying is that, like pretty much every competitive online game, it can be very difficult to survive and remain interested if you’re alone all the time.

What exactly are you experimenting with? =3 :dance:

I thought it was a Sandbox game? IS there ever a direction for sandbox games? the game is what you make it…

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gateway drugs…

Farming and building isn’t really that much fun to do. And whatever anyone says, the most thrilling experience would be raiding. People don’t want to give it up.

I dont like playing with other/random people. Lone wolfing shows true skill like in DayZ
Problem with this game, people group up way to much, and not enough places to go sneaky

Well you got your answer now, I guess :v:
(Check the website)

The only thing lone-wolfing shows is a lack of friends. Wow, you solo-built your house. You should go pro.

I personally do indeed have a lack of friends, nor am i looking to get some. Perhaps when your older, you wont consider comments like this one as valuable…

I really wish they didnt put more servers up for Rust. I like the cluster of people. :wink:

Too bad the servers can’t keep up tho - maybe the engine also has something to do with it.

I don’t like playing with randoms either. This is why you bring your RL friends or co-workers along for the party. I’m not suggesting letting every 12 year-old who asks to share a house co-op with you. That’s just fucking ludicrous. Also, I’m probably older than you, lol.