Will Rust be better than Gmod ?

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Will Mario Party be better than Counter-Strike?

Ofcourse not! Gmod is just so original and crazy! its awesome, Rust will be good, but not as good as Gmod.

It is no where near the same type of game. You cannot even compare the two.

More questions we cannot answer? Lovely.

they are different games, can’t really compare each other. In sense of money rust will probably never come to the point where garrys mod is at, but rust is just in pre-alpha we will just have to wait and see how the finished game comes out.

Rust is a completely different game than GMOD, Gmod is just screwing around (whilst you can do endless amounts of things because of the gamemodes and modding). Rust is a survival game.
The only thing that might be the same is how you can shoot with guns in Gmod/Rust, and you can build a few things in Gmod/Rust. That’s it.

But in other words, Gmod will always be better.

Gmod sold over 1.4 million copies, so I don’t think Rust will beat that.

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Rust is better i think

maybe someday