Will rust be on Ipad or Iphone?

Will rust be on iPad or iPhone?
I interesting cause I know that unity support iDivice’s

I really don’t think iOS devices will be targeted.

A dev said they have plans about it.

Well Unity is multiplatform, so it would certainly be possible, that doesn’t mean it’s practical though.

Unity is temporary. It will be on steam, so maybe you should ask steam if they support your “iDevices”

Unity is not temporary it is what the game is built on… There are many unity games on steam…

I really, well and truly, SERIOUSLY doubt it.
They would have to put in truly massive amounts of optimization to get it running even somewhat acceptably on the latest gen mobile devices. I just don’t see that happening.

no, not now.

look at minecraft

Have fun with that…

Can you imagine how hard the controls would be on a iphone?

Looking at what kind of games can run on the iPhone 5S i wouldn’t really say that its something it can’t handle. But how do you want to play a game like Rust on your phone longer than 10 minutes, big 3D games never took off on mobile phones?

Yea because Steam is an engine.

Rust would be cool on something like an xbox, but it REAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLYYYYY doesn’t fit iphones. I mean, just the toolbar would take half of the iphone screen… Otherwise, they’ll have to make it amazingly small.
Oh. Ok. I guess I’ll shut up now.

I don’t think it will ever be ported to xbox.

Micecraft portable on IOS is total crap compared to the PC version, most of the best stuff isn’t even in the mobile versions…

I think the better question is if it will be available on Minix OS. Xbox and IOS can suck it.

I think it could happen like I said before but it is unlikely until we have a finished product.

No,No,No…Miser Superman say no to IOS.