will rust be singleplayer?

hey guys just wondering if rust will have a singleplayer?

That would be boring as all hell :v:

take any MMORPG and remove all other players period. Or left 4 dead… just with 1 person. Assassins Creed only there are no crowds of random people.

and in terms of coop, many games benefit from other people, especially Rust. You retain the feeling of being alone BUT there are still OTHERS around in Rust.

That wouldn’t be very fun, players are way more of a challenge than the environment.

Only thing you would do is kill wolfs all day… just play a pve server.

Gathering… and hunting generic ‘enemies’… and building with hyper simple wood with zero interactivity with any combatants.

how… “exciting”… man… I sure am vibrating with joy!.. so fun… woo or something.

that being said IT SHOULD have singleplayer because it does have benefits of exploring and simply learning the ropes before you get into the more “Hardcore” PVP servers

I think if Garry adds bandit NPC’s; single-player would actually be really interesting. I’d also like to see random generated buildings that bandits live in and abandoned structures that contain loot. This would be quite fun

I was actually thinking about this concept today due to me being away on holiday and me not having a PC full of games to play on :stuck_out_tongue:

We should definitely focus on multiplayer at the moment though, singleplayer should be a bonus, we don’t NEED it