Will rust ever be able to have RAIN

Title says it all, will rust ever have rain? Or is that too much for servers and fps…

Eventually weather will make its way into Rust. It’s in the mind map. Be patient. It’ll get there.

Although rain like grass has a huge impact on FPS. I would like to see lightning that actually can hit you and hurt like in How to Survive.

rain has very little reason to harm your FPS

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grass was always the smallest of the problems in this game

like would it be a server capability problem or a computer problem if it would be implemented

http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1436742 did a post on Unity Weather Systems(video demonstrations) last year, from what I’ve read they are getting started on the basics of the weather, fog and clouds etc.

The summary section of devblog 58 actually mentions the need to start on weather quite soon. So we should start seeing some interesting things with this within the next month or so.

I am curious as to how this will play within Rust and am hoping it is given some detail when this does arrive. Granted, at the beginning ,of course, it will be a very basic design however…
Will the weather have an effect on a player like the current heat & cold system in place?
Is it more for a visual enhancement/impairment.

I am hoping it will be more interactive,but…guess it’s still a little to early and merely speculating

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I remember that…those were amazing. Lets hope!

Remember, still just alpha, it will have like 50 weeks till being finished, which is a shitton of tme in this pace.

I think visual impairment would probably be what they choose considering blood and severe cold force visual impairment. for example if its pissing down rain then you’ll barely be able to see due to rain drops obscuring your vision. Unless you have a hat or something. That said i also think they will make it partially interactive because they want to use the Water collectors, these look like rain catchers as well. That way you have a source of water to use for irrigation when it comes to farming.

Aside from being wet and cold in the rain, I’d hope if would affect comfort – even if you’re inside! Rainy days suck. And lead to suicide.

Garry said somewhere thar they may need it soon because of the water catchers.

We just have to believe!

if its any things like h1z1 rain was. hope it never gets into rust. more clutter on the screen. and if it makes you cold like the water… yah that will be real fun huh lol
they just need to keep shit simple

If there was a cold rain that happened every now and then it would force people to actually use clothing. Maybe we wouldnt see so many naked cavemen walking around

I’m only happy when it rains, except for when i have something to do that involves being outdoors.

I think the weather will play a large role in how our player is affected by the environment, in fact raids will be decided on the weather conditions. I also hope they make it so that you can get zapped by lighting if your wearing metal armor, that would be fun.

Would be cool if we could suicide with weapons. Press a key to aim the gun at your head and BLAM!