Will rust ever support full-fledged modding?

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As a person who only recently started playing normal rust over legacy, I automatically started to love the new rust. While it doesn’t feel like legacy rust, it has a more primitive feel to it-- but it’s still pretty damn fun. Anyway, while playing, I was thinking how cool it would be to have a workshop-type thing going-- where you could implement whatever the hell you wanted into the game-- like Facepunch’s other creation-- Garry’s Mod.

I was thinking how cool it would be if there were a whole community of modders adding content to the game that the developers would review and consider adding into the game. Like a M4-- it’s more accurate but not as powerful as the AK74u (or whatever its called-- the game files refer to it as a ak74u). Does facepunch have anything similar to this in consideration?

From what I am to understand, Facepunch wants this game to be very community driven, which I would assume means being mod-compatible. When they talk about their plans for how this system will work, you see comparisons to TF2 and other Valve trading/moddable. Check out this link to get an idea:(bottom right corner of the page)

Basically, yes they are planning that.