Will Rust ever use VAC?

Hello everyone! So, I was VAC banned for using an aimbot in CS:S a long time ago. Was curious, if I am VAC banned, will that affect my playing when Rust is converted to Steam? Does anyone know if Rust will be using the VAC anti-cheat?

If you’re just here to say, ooooohhh you shouldn’t have cheated, I already know. It was a long time ago, and I regret doing it.


Probably not, since Rust doesn’t run on the source engine.

Awesome, thank you.

VAC is used for plenty of games that don’t use the source engine. See here.

It probably is still unlikely though.

Doesnt CS:GO not use source?

All newer Valve games use the Source engine, the one in CS:GO just looks a little better than the one in CS:S and HL2/EP1.

Yeah, when we’re on Steam