will rust generate buildings????

once the update with the random world generation comes out will there be buildings randomly generated to loot or will it just be killing red animals and looting airdrops???

not in the sense you’re thinking of. buildings might be randomly placed, but randomly created? no

There was a mention of it in the trello pages, randomly placed towns just like LayDown has pointed out. Not that it will happen, but it might and it was at least brought up.

There might be some random structures around to serve as Landmarks. I think Garry said they wanted a system for generating landmarks like a tall mountain or a huge white tree or etc. These would serve as navigational landmarks. I don’t think they will add reds or loot boxes or rad towns to the new version. Some other mechanic will be used to advance and get loot.

idk but better not to have em at all - a flat map with resorces is just enough

I hope they add in rad towns in the new version, and add in something like red animals(they’re kinda lame though) but yeah I think rust needs airdrops and rad towns or it isn’t rust anymore.

I’d like something like the rad towns to exist but have no loot potential (they would have been picked over already probably), just be landmarks more or less.

Rad towns without loot that can’t be built on would seem to serve very little purpose, at least, compared to the purpose in the past, which is as a focal point for conflict over the loot boxes. It wouldn’t take a full town to serve as a landmark – that could be accomplished with a single building.

I would like to see towns have special mechanisms or other benefits that would cause them to be sought out as desirable areas to build on and control. Maybe there could be immovable machines located in towns that speed up or automate turning resources into items. Maybe airdrops, while still random, tended to cluster more towards towns. Anything that would make them continue to be areas of conflict would be nice.

If loot boxes go away, it’d be nice then if the inability to build on them went away as well.

Maybe towns could have a better purpose, like having large furnaces and machinery to make high-quality metal and the like with.

How about Towns with NPC merchants?