Will rust go Garrys Mod structure?

I am curious if anyone has read anything regarding the future of servers? Is Gary planning on letting the server files be used for private server once the game is complete? Will we be able to rent a server from a 3rd party? Or will Gary keep the server files and host the servers?

What would you like to see?

Server rental?

Server files to create your own server?

Garry keep the servers proprietary?

I heard
That when game comes out u can have your own server :smiley:

Infinite map similar to minecraft or limited space but big enough for thousands. <-- if that happens. I don’t see a point on creating your own server.

You heard, can you elaborate. I am curious if this info is available?

Well that’s for sure as Garry already said that there will be a way to host your own servers…

I definitly don’t want it to be like the minecraft servers anyone can host. Rent a server from 3rd party or Garry who keeps all the files is something i don’t care about :slight_smile:

Personally I would prefer server files and not having to go through a over priced 3rd party to get a server. But either way works.

Can anyone actually link Gary saying anything about it?

Garry talks about it a bit in this blog post: http://garry.tv/2013/06/21/the-story-of-rust/


“still up in the air” as far as I know from this blog post.

So what I understood. If this happens. We can actually connect to another server get items and then go to the public server with the same items? and with the “Either way I don’t think we want to be hosting 100’s of servers” sounds like there will be a centralized server like right now.

Thank you for the info and link jackool.

I like the gameplay of rust atm and i think this could change dramatically with open server code etc.

This is also the reason i never played minecraft on any server, people make up theyre own rules own worlds and anything really, this takes the concistency of the competetive gameplay.

We need a world with meanings not thousand worlds with no meaning atall, thats my point.

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And when this happens its just another WarZ, you only go to public servers to PvP and hord your stuff on your own server, then we can go play CoD aswell since it got the same meaning to gear and death now.

At the time when he posted that blog post, there was only 1 server. Quite a few things have changed since then, however:


Another interesting post about the server cluster: http://garry.tv/2013/07/31/clustered/

I would pay to have a private testing server right now, (and many more with me)
just to not disturb general population while testing bugs and what not.

It would be better to have 3-6 massive worlds hosted and ran by the creators. If not the game will not be as much fun. I hope it stays the way it is.

Like most games, probably.

The dev’s have some awesome things planned for servers. just wait and see :smiley: