Will rust have a stand alone singleplayer like DayZ?

I am really wondering if there will be any story to this, I don’t care about missions or quests, but the singleplayer stand alone DayZ, will there be something similar to that in Rust?
Thanks for reading my first post, cya ;3

Its gonna be possible to host your own rust server, so you could just set max players to 1 and play alone if you want singleplayer lol

from garrys blofg:

I wouldn’t mind having some kind of offline practice mode at least - it seems hard for new players to get off their feet and get used to how the game works with people running around :v:

Yeah, I think that would be great to have a singleplayer,
But I also think that what TNOMCat suggested sounds perfectly viable.

Dayz StandAlone will not have a single player bro!

This kind of game has no need for a single player, but I don’t mind if it gets a single player mode.

A singleplayer mode isn’t needed, maybe a tutorial or somethin’.

Well, just multiplayer would be great! I was just wondering, I could still enjoy singleplayer, it would be able to have NPC’s, trades and wars! ;3 But my question here today is that will there be NPC’s in multiplayer?

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But Rust doesn’t need a singleplayer. DayZ doesn’t need a singleplayer. If you can’t take the PVP aspect, don’t play the games.

Pointless having single player.

Get the game, start playing and you pick it up eventually.

yes but with servers going down literally every day cant help but feel like singleplayer would be better at this stage while they make the servers more stable

Rust is a multiplayer game. These single player threads are simply pointless. If you cant handle the servers going down right now after that last update please go find something else to do until the servers become stable again.

Well there are lots of videos with tutorials. I just started yesterday and I was able to actually progress easily.

pve server?

Depends on how they are going to make it possible to host servers. If it’s going to be like in WarZ i guess no one would even think about paying for a server when you want to play solo.

The PvE servers would just be fine for that purpose.

If there will be open source files that let you host your own server locally that would be something different. Like with Minecraft and the bukkit servers.

THIS! all those nooblets pff…