Will Rust utilize Direct X 12?

I’m almost 100% positive this question has been asked before, but will Rust ever run DX12? What does it run now?

I hear it runs on the Unity Engine. Color me impressed by how well the game looks with Unity. Does or will Unity support DX12?

I Understand making a game for a new Direct X version isn’t as simple as waving a magic wand, but I’m curious as to if it will be implemented.


From ask.fm

Garry’s answer:

that quote was from Garry J Newman. I thought Gabe Newell was leading the charge on Rust. Or am I just really confused…:pwn:

Just really confused.

I’ve seen huge gains in ARK from dx11 to 12… Time for some A/B comparisons!

DX 12.1 looks like it makes some interesting graphical improvements, but as DX 12.1 is limited to the higher end of the market it wouldn’t affect most people.


Gotta check if my 7870 gets affected by it, I doubt it.