Will rust work?

Hi, im planning on buying rust but i need to know if it will run? i have an hp laptop intel hd 3000 i3, ghz is 1.40 and 4 gb ram will it run??? thanks :slight_smile: and garry’s mod runs perfectly.

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I can play alot of games on it cod mw3-20+ fps warz 15+ dayz 15+ garrys mod 30+ skyrim 25+ so im hoping this will run :slight_smile:

No. you will not.

Just because Garrys mod runs perfectly it doesn’t mean that this will… they are 2 completely different games. If you set all to lowest possible you might be able to get 20-30 fps IN THE FINAL version, when it’s optimized.

I doubt it. an i3 running at that clock speed paired with integrated graphics and only 4 gigs of RAM is not going to get him anywhere.

Exactly… I struggle to run with an i7 2.8GHz (8CPUs), 8GB RAM and an GeForce 675M. get about 20-30 fps…

You only got 4 CPU cores in an i7. But each core can handle two threads.
But I doubt that Rust can make use of 8 threads, or at least 4 cores. Correct me if I’m wrong.

You’re wrong about garrys mod, but right about it not running. Rust is copied from Garry’s Mod, ever seen the running animations? The whole character model is copied from it its only retextured… Sure the world is big and has alot more graphical features but it copies from the core game.

Running animations dont make any difference, Garrys mod is a small sandbox game with fairly low graphics. Where as Rust is a large open world fps survival, hosting 200+ people on one server. The graphics, textures and animations are significantly better.

Garry’s mod 30 fps? Yet Skyrim, Warz, MW3, dayz are near that assumtion? I think someone is desperate. Though I want to say is that you cannot play with that GPU and CPU.

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Only pure idiots would believe that. This is the unity engine, everything was made from scratch from the team. Except of course the placeholders. But seriously?

My PC is an DualCore Intel i3 with 3.07 ghz,an Geforce GT 630 with 4GB and and 6 GB Ram and it works.
Its not really smooth but playable.I´ve never tested how much fps i have while i play Rust.But i think 5-15 fps sounds realistic

i get like 15 fps on it