Will S&Box have dynamic map loading?

This is my first forums post on facepunch so wazzzzup! I’m hyped that S&Box is being made and really looking forward to all the progress being made for it and the community. I was wondering though if dynamic map loading is going to be a thing in the game. Aka for example, a gamemode loading in the next part of a huge series of maps seamlessly without loading screens, making maps inside a gamemode while running it, randomly generating parts of a map, etc…

If this isn’t a planned feature, then what do you guys think about this idea? Thanks!


It would be really great for creating various projects.

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I think they are talking about syncing player positions from servers/maps? Though I’m wondering if its possible like for example load two maps at once or like load a map like during when the game is running.
but I’m also wondering if it’s possible that the maps/levels will be able to be generated from C# dynamically without the maps/level being compiled from like source 2 hammer?
I also remember there being a S&Box video of the entire map being rotated with the physgun?

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We’ll have to see way later probably.

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as far as i know source2 has native streaming support for map files

if they populate that into the API we can access it would be no problem doing that

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The linked topic from before already covered this. Basically you can load maps during runtime in source 2, however you are still limited to the maximum map size.

If you want large freely-explorable maps that extend beyond the current limits, you’re going to have to get creative.

Although on the topic of map size, it is likely that we will get much larger maps before release, as it’s a key point for Garry.

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I don’t get why people have to work against a limit like that to make really huge levels. Another thing I don’t get is that why should we be limited to just maps/levels? Like for example what if I wanted a server that generated random terrain infinitely without a level/map and/or without level/map limits? Thanks!

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To have huge maps means you fundamentally change how your game engine works due to floating point errors.
Most videogames with huge maps are either different servers stitched together (World of Warcraft) or they render the world around the player (Outer Wilds).
Even minecraft doesn’t render the world around the player which is why the world has a limit and always will unless they change the way everything is rendered.

This gamemode does something similar, it renders everything around the client and simulates the physics itself.


When I mean infinite, I mean exactly just up to the maximum size of what game engines can handle like how huge minecraft’s world size is for example. Also I didn’t actually know it was possible to render a world around a player to make it seem infinite? Also yes I know about floating point errors in games when you go out too far.

When I mean by dynamic map loading, I mean like for example loading in a map without a loading screen, loading in multiple random maps all in one area depending on what the gamemode wants to do, etc…
I don’t think gamemode makers should have to work around the default world size limit on the source 2 engine. They should have a lot more freedom on how huge their gamemode world size should be. It’s already a problem on gmod/source1 engine games and some gamemodes from what I know on gmod were limited by the boundaries of the engine map size.

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