Will S&ndbox kill Garry's Mod

With Garry reportedly talking about beta keys for the successor to this game in April, will Garry’s Mod be able to last after the release of S&ndbox? I’m making a very detailed map as a passion project for an RP server and I’m scared to death that Garry’s Mod will be drained of players by the time it’s out around this summer. Do you think Garry’s Mod will still have lots of players looking for a nice map and server? Or will they have all moved on to the new game?

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will cs:go kill cs 1.6


Garry’s mod to be honest has been on the decline for awhile now anyway. I doubt sbox will completely kill gmod (nostalgia and all that) but I do see it’s active users going waaaaay down. Sbox is to put it in facepunchs words “a worthy Garry’s Mod sequel” and as with most games when the next one comes out the old one kinda dies.

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I think it will take a few years to completely kill Garry’s Mod if S&Box supersedes it in every way.

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Not really. There will still be people that will prefer Gmod over S&box or people who simply can’t afford the game right now so they play Gmod instead for a similar experience.

I don’t see Gmod completely dying, but I could see maybe a lack of new servers in Gmod, or people hosting both servers in both games.

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the only way i see gmod dying out is if game modes like TTT, dark rp and such end up somehow stop working completely, existing ones will stay and people will play gmod since pretty much everyone or everyones friend has gmod so its an easy game to play for most pcs,
obviously like pingley said, lack of newer content on gmod, well gamemode wise that is, like gmod is gonna be so limited, slower and harder to develop for compared to sbox, but people will probably still try make new stuff occasionally and will always rip models from any game possible and import them to gmod and sbox forever too.

Gmod needs to be alive to redirect people to S&box, a big banner in the menu would be nice.


I’m pretty sure some will stay with Garry’s Mod for sometime before making the switch, or play both.

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It’ll likely survive in the long-run like games like CS 1.6 and CS:S has done, low player base but stable, but most will probably migrate to S&box as new gamemodes come out to replace the ones on GMod. Regardless of how much I might dislike 1:1 copies of previous gamemodes, they will appear in S&box.


It will still stick around but will indeed die off eventually. Garry’s mod won’t immediately die because it is both filled with more content and has lower pc requirements. Just don’t expect garry’s mod to be filled that much 2 years after s&box drops.

garry’s mod will go the way cs source did when cs go dropped. It has a loyal fanbase but will ultimately lose the longevity it has since an objectively better successor is being released.

develop your project and perhaps some fans of it will help you port it or you could wait for s&box and develop it for more clout and longevity at the same time.


just give a go porting your map over to source 2.


I heard from maaaannyyy server that they would port to s&box so fast as possible because of the benifits of s&box has. I would like too port immediatly to s&box because i will want to make some addons there in C#