Will sbox be steam only?

While this discussion is not about paid items, I think the best way of getting paid addons is having a free alternative, or an addon where you get some parts of it free, but upgrade to the “pro” version to get all the features unlocked. Much like a lot of wordpress plugins operate, and probably more as well. It will unlock users to test compatibility on their servers, and see if the addons fits their needs before making the move to a “pro” version. My 5 cents atleast :smile:


Ik I’m a couple days late to this response, but what if people found a way to pirate these good quality mods?

Edit: I apologize for the dumb question.

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It’s not that different from other forms of piracy, no? People are pretty much always gonna find ways to pirate things, so I don’t think there’s much sense in trying to stop it. I’d say it’s better to focus on your paying customers by providing support and frequent updates. That’s the kind of thing that adds value over piracy.


Another thing to prevent piracy: dont overprice your stuff

when a chatbox costs 40€ nobody would buy that (even if it is the best on the world, in that case someone would leak it somewhere)

when it costs 5 to 15€ then most are probably buying it

however, this thread is already on another rail so i recommend to look in the “paid mods” thread for more stuff about paid mods

and i would really like it when it is on steam (as i dont want to use anything else than steam and galaxy)


Made a topic just for that. Honestly I do not care one way or the other but it is better to have it out of the “will it be released on steam” topic.

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I would expect it to be steam only, judging by their other games published. They might push to other platforms tho :man_shrugging:

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I can’t really imagine the tradition changing. It’ll most likely stay on Steam.

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There’s arguments for and against releasing on more than just Steam.


  • More Accessible


  • Would have to support multiple platforms
  • Would have to push updates to multiple platforms
  • Would have to find a platform agnostic workshop

Right now I don’t think it’s worth it. I like the idea of releasing on the Windows Store but I also think it’d be way too much bullshit.


who uses windows store :thinking:

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I use it a lot for my son. There’s a lot of games on there with Game Pass… including Minecraft. With Steam I’d have to buy each game.


With the huge variety with games in which he probably would only spend around an hour playing it seems like a good deal than buying them separately I guess, not a big fan of those subscription services.

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Is Valve even going to allow that? Did they really just hand out Source 2 just for Garry to do whatever he wants to do with it? Either that or he’s paying a lot of royalties and such.

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It’s almost impossible to add mod files on current Windows Store games.


Thank you for being so open. Interesting to know this!

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