Will screenshot addons capture your entire desktop in windowed mode?

If I am running the game in windowed mode and an admin uses a screenshot utility on me to capture my screen, will it capture just the game or the visible parts of my desktop as well?

It depends on what you’re using.

What i’m using as an in my OS or the server’s screenshotter?

The screenshot software.

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If it’s an ingame thing it shouldn’t be able to capture outside the game window so its probably fine. I had misread your first post as you trying to take a screen shot with external software.

Nah I was referring to the lua addons server use to capture your screen.
But thanks for the info

The Steam overlay can be captured if it’s open, though.

Yeah like Luni said, I’m almost certain they can only capture your game and steam overlay which is messages and steam web browser obviously

Thanks for the answers.
If anyone has a server + one of these addons and wants to test anyways, send me a PM.

that’s pretty horseshit that any server can see whatever you have open in your steam overlay

like that should not be a thing, that’s such a huge violation of privacy

what if you were sending personal shit to one of your friends

If only you knew of all the unethical shit addons like this do.
But, any attempt to bring such things to light will be met with “major gmod figures” rampantly shit posting whatever thread it was posted in.

What’s unethical about a screen capture addon? It’s not like somebody’s going to be putting their credit card number in a Steam chat or watching porn through the overlay’s browser.

Alt-tab out and message them on Steam. Either way, A few years ago administrating a popular GMod server, it’d be extremely rare to actually have recorded someone using Steam overlay.

It cannot capture outside the game window, but any overlay things such as steam, discord, whatever the one bundled with AMD Radeon these days is, etc; will be captured. So if you’re worried about privacy alt tab out of the game to send a message or something (or use hacks to block it but I don’t imagine the server owners would like that, “we cant see your screen therefore you’re hacking” mentality)

Send their snapper this instead.